Monday, September 13, 2010

I have a 7 year old. Whaaaaaht?

I still can't believe it. Seriously, I am getting old and so are my boys. Next year Ethan is going to be 8, and before I know it he's going to be 16, NOOOOOOO! I don't think I can handle him dating. Girls are sneaky and manipulative. It is years away and I am already hoping he doesn't fall for any stupid mean girls.

Anyway, his birthday came up so quick this year. We had a long weekend for Labor Day in Yosemite and came back and started school the day after so it didn't leave me much time to plan a party. Thankfully, he's been begging me for a Pump it Up party for years which just so happened to be running a last minute party special, PERFECT!! He was thrilled. Cohen is already thinking he is going to have his party there as well. Not gonna happen.

Ethan with the ladies...

I died over this face of Roxie. So great.

Cohen going down like he should.

Cohen bored with the regular way decides he needs to try and ride a toy down the slide. It didn't quite work.

Again, with the ladies...I'm in trouble.

And home, to open presents, LEGO CITY!!


Sarah said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I can't believe our boys are getting so old and that they are going to be baptized next year. Weird. I hope Ethan had a very Happy Birthday!

molly said...

Ethan is a ladies man, he is growing up too fast. That is pretty cool about his teacher Mr. Henry.

Carly and Tyler said...

The Roxie picture is HILARIOUS!!! You guys have been doing so many fun things. Maybe now that school's back in we'll see you more often!

Cortney said...

hahaha... Roxie. Such a fun party!