Friday, September 17, 2010

And now it's 3:06am and it feels just like 3:06am.

Cohen's been in our bed since 2. He moves around a lot. I don't think he is ever sufficiently asleep because he seems so restless. I couldn't take it anymore so I finally put him back in his bed. But, now I am awake. WIDE. AWAKE.

Things I've been thinking about at 3:06am; sinkholes and what if I got swallowed up in one, if Ambien would cause me to eatwalk (a version of sleepwalk), am I required to scrapbook my kids school years - do boys even care about such things? Would I wear a wig if I ever got cancer and lost my hair - because let's face it, I rarely do my hair as it is. I wonder what show is on at 3:13am on HGTV. I wonder how mad Eric would get if I were to find out. My eyes are on fire.......oh, hello again Mr Cohen, back for round 2?

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[AnnieR] said...

Wow, this sounds oddly familiar--the child in my bed at 2 am, the inability to sleep after the child goes back in his/her own bed and the myriad of strange, random thoughts that follow. I have thought about the cancer/wig question myself and have decided that no, I would not wear a wig. Wigs are freaky. And I imagine they are hot and itchy. I would wear rad scarves, which are cool and soft. I would be tempted to make myself an adult sized pilot cap but my fashionisto husband would talk me out of it.
Good luck with the sleep. Have you ever tried Melatonin? It's my favorite.