Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First for everything

2:30 Ethan comes home from school.
2:31 Ethan announces that he's hungry.
2:32 Test, 98.
2:38 Ethan decides he wants two apples cut up with peanut butter, a fruit by the foot and a protein shake. (He had "lunch" at school at 11)
3:30 Cohen wakes up from his nap.
3:40 We're out in the front yard riding skateboards and drawing with sidewalk chalk.
3:45 Cohen announces that he's hungry. He has a protein shake and a fruit by the foot.
3:45:20 Ethan announces that he is once again hungry and that he wants another fruit by the foot.
3:45:30 I say NO. You just had one an hour ago.
3:45:45 Crying begins. No tears, just lots of wwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.
3:45:50 Ethan beings pleading. But I want one. Mom, can I have one? Mom?
3:46 NOOOOOOOOO. Ethan goes inside.
3:48 Cohen and I draw a little more and then I start to clean up. I think my face was getting burnt.
3:53 I walk inside, Ethan is sitting on the couch with a fruit by the foot wrapper at his feet. **you would think he would be smart enough to hide the evidence but since this is the first time this has ever happened I guess he hasn't quite figured that out.
3:54 Ethan did you eat a fruit by the foot?
3:54:15 Um, yes, cause I really wanted one.
3:54:25 And I really want you to go to your room. NOW.
3:54:40 Crying begins, even a nice fall to the floor for added effect.
3:55 Door slams.

This really is the first time he has ever snuck food behind my back. I guess it's always possible he's done it before but this was after me telling him no way jose. I hate that he can't eat whatever he wants when he wants but come one - he had just had two apples, a protein shake and a fbtf. Boys.


leigh said...

not that it's even the same, but Luke ate the same amount of chicken as Dan the other night at dinner. Soon I'll be making food for an army every night!

molly said...

What does Eric think about him possibly having "snacking habits" like Christensen girls. What exactly is the protein shake you are talking about? Is it packaged or are you making it in the blender?

josieposie said...

what's funny is he used that excuse with cohen today...he's a christensen, he snacks. The shakes are from costco, i can get you the name if you want it.

Dean said...

He is a growing boy. He needs food. What is funny is he is drinking protein shakes. Is he lifting weights too?

anne said...

i needed this. I came here hoping you'd make me laugh and I did. Naughty, naughty ETHAN! You know what made me laugh... your acronym for fruit by the foot. ha!

彬彬 said...


Sarah said...

Poor Ethan- I feel his pain! The sad thing is that for him it's not just a matter of disobedience, but an issue with his blood sugar. You are a good mom. For the most part, your kids usually listen to you!