Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just woke up from a dream that involved me being Jennifer Garner's BFF. Now for a long time I have felt like her and I could be BFF's if we ever met in real life. Don't judge me for having these thoughts, I'm no stalker, I don't have pictures of her in my bedroom - I'm not even a fan of hers on facebook. I just think based on the fact that she named her dog Martha Stewart that we COULD be BFF's. In the dream I was helping her plan her wedding ...what any good BFF would do.

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leigh said...

haha. and i didn't know her dog was named M.S. that makes me like her even more.

anne said...

alias... that's a good netflix idea!

Cortney said...

that's funny... I have dreams like that about Tina Fey. We would totally be BFF's.