Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow weekend

Here are some pictures from our trip with my sister Emily's family to Park City a few weeks ago. Sorry it's taken a while, I was waiting for said sister to send me her photos. I wasn't able to take very many because I was trying to ski Ethan and Cohen down a hill.

Cohen was pro from the very first run. He just kept those skis parallel and zoomed down, knowing Dad had him if he fell. His favorite part was the chair lift - he wanted to get down the hill as fast as he could just to go on it again.

Shelby, Ethan & Sam grabbing some lunch at the lodge.

Cohen, walking around with his hat pulled over his eyes - entertaining most of the lodge eaters. He reminded me of that kid with the bucket on his head in the movie Parenthood. Crazy coco.

Sledding out in back of the condo.

Tubing in Jeremy Ranch


Cortney said...

bbrrrr... now i am cold. eric, nice helmet!

Mandy said...

So cute! That really makes me want to take Luke skiing. We've been debating this year or wait one more year?