Monday, December 21, 2009

Torture, without actual "torture".

Ethan is a class A snoop. Serious. The kid is way worse than I was as a kid and I was pretty bad. He is obsessed with getting the mail and intercepting UPS packages in which he has to know who it is addressed to and what the return address says. He has recently been caught in Diane's closet looking through her bags. So, needless to say Christmas is not an easy time for him. He can't handle seeing wrapped presents and not knowing what's inside. Earlier today I had finished wrapping a few presents and he came in and started searching for the ones with his name on it.

E: picking up a gift - Oh, this ones for me!
J: Yep, who's it from?
E: Um, it says R2D2. What does that mean?
J: You mean that guy from Star Wars?
E: Oh, that guy is my favorite.
J: (he has apparently forgotten that he just walked in and saw me wrapping gifts) Well, I guess R2D2 sent you a present. That's cool!
E: Huh? How did he send me a present? He's a robot...
J: I don't know, but it says it's from him.
E: What if R2D2 sent me something from where he lives, like a crystal?
J: Hmmm, I didn't know he lived with crystals but I guess it's possible.
E: Wow. Can I open it?
J: NO.

Boy is he going to be disappointed when it's not a crystal, just a lego star wars shirt.

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