Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day

The boys woke up right on schedule, 7:30am. I heard them go straight downstairs but thankfully Santa had wrapped his gifts, just to stick it to them a little. Actually, if he hadn't, Ethan would have known for weeks what he was getting. We trapped them in our room for a bit while Eric and I got ready and because nobody else was awake yet. Interestingly enough, they asked for breakfast before presents. After our big breakfast we got to it. The boys were maniacs. Ripping and tearing any paper in sight. I felt like I didn't get to see anybody's gifts they opened because I was trying to control the boys. Oh well, they had a good time. It was a great Christmas at the Brown's. And afterward we headed over to my parents house to hang out and open a few more gifts. I love having our families close so that we can spend time with both at the holidays. Merry Christmas to all, thank you for all the kind gifts, the great food, and fun times.

Choc chip pancakes!

Rip & Tear

lego headlamp - for all his late night lego building

This was a pirate treasure that Ethan had to excavate in order to find his buried treasure. It was work to get to. My knuckles were raw.

Eric's favorite gift - an inversion table to help relieve his back pain.

Beach volleyball on Christmas - amazing.

Lucy Jean - posing like a pro

Corona del Mar beach

Sunset view from the beach house.


Sarah said...

I'm very impressed that you have kept on top of all of your posts throughout the holidays. I am so behind! It looks like you had a fun Christmas and that the boys loved all of their gifts! I love the pictures your sister made for you. I still really need you to teach me how to take pictures- yours are always so good!

Robyn said...

Great shots. I love your pictures. You capture the best images of your boys reactions to things and their faces are adorable. Love the lego headlamp. Those pieces are small so they really need good lighting. Volleyball looks fun! We go to the beach on Christmas day too. It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Diane said...

It was a high energy time! So fun to have have the entire fam together! Thanks for the great pics and my Alaska Book! A MUST read!

nyclizzie said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! My boys had the same jammies. I loved them on them. So funny. Say hi to the family! xoxo