Saturday, July 18, 2009

Proof that he is Eric's child

Eric is always saying that neither of the boys look like him. I think he's crazy for thinking this but he's convinced otherwise. Hopefully, after this post he will reconsider. I do NOT tan. Never have. My freckles might get more obvious creating the appearance of a tan, but I am Scandinavian, no olive skin here. I am dry. Eric is oily. He also tans very easily. So when I caught a glimpse of Ethan today after an hour or so in the pool I couldn't help myself but snap a picture. The kid is dark. And no I do not use tanning oil on his skin. This tan line just screams Brown blood.

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anne said...

Funny- We're opposite. Lucy looks like Mike and got my light skin. Love the pic of Ethan's behind as proof!