Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Other happenings

Back in June, Ed & Diane went on their first cruise ever to Alaska. They loved it and on Sunday we reaped the benefits from their trip. While visiting one of their port cities, Ed caught a 25lb salmon that they had flash frozen and FedExed back to CA. On Sunday we had a huge salmon feast. It was the best fish I have ever eaten. It didn't even smell fishy. It smelled like the sea. It was so good. We cooked it on cedar planks which only made it taste better. Yummy.

Last night we headed over to HB for a hot dog roast and s'mores. We usually go to Corona del Mar, but all of the pits were taken. Personally, HB seems easier to access and has a ton more fire pits...we may be going there from now on. It was our last night with everyone in town so we had to live it up. They all leave today, boo.

Ed flying the kite in the moonlight.


Julie, Derek & Addie


anne said...

Cedar planks? Who knew? Of course, you did! Sounds delicious. Wish I was there! What-- no hating on CDM.

Kenneth said...

My parents just got back from an Alaskan cruise! I want to go big time. That salmon looks so good.

Through the Looking Glass said...

That salmon looks amazing. I've wanted to try the cedar plank thing for awhile now.

Bushchicken said...

Ok, Seriously, Josie...

I've got to know what kind of equipment your using to snap such beautiful shots all the time. I could look at the exif, but I'm lazy.

Diane said...

Josie, you are magic with your camera!!!
thanks for always catching the moments!