Wednesday, May 27, 2009

So, all it takes is a Capri Sun and a bag of chips?

J: Ethan, are you sad you don't have baseball anymore?
E: No, I just liked the snacks that were at the end.

You mean to tell me you suffered through 20+ games, 1.5 hours a piece, plus multiple practices just for a boxed drink and some triangle shaped crunchy carbs? He seemed like he was enjoying himself, but now that I think about it he did always have his trash and baseball paraphernalia picked up before anybody else so he could be first in line for snacks. If I had know this I would have made him do chores around the house and rewarded him with such snacks if he got them all done. Ok, maybe not, but still, the laundry alone....

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anne said...

molly and kc have video that say otherwise... have you seen it? hilarious. ethan hits the ball and then squeals at the top of his lungs. awesome.