Friday, May 29, 2009


1. Get the cows into the corral
2. Move the cows through the shoot to the squeezy thing
3. Piece the cows ear with a numbered tag
4. Inject the cows with antibiotics
5. Shave the hair off so that you can get a good brand
6. Brand the cow
7. Release the cow
8. Repeat 40 some odd times!

See for yourself...

If you couldn't tell, my kids were no where near the corral. Ethan was on the outside the whole time except for when Eric dragged him in to watch for a few minutes, he was not pleased. Cohen, sat in the car for the majority of it, just watching movies. And me, well, I had a job to do documenting the whole thing, I was so disappointed that nobody else brought a camera, I mean I love cows, and mud, and snotty cow noses and the burning flesh smell, it really upset me.


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Diane said...

ahhh, seems just like yesterday . . . a branding to remember, , , most we would like to forget . . . glad you captured the moments, and you did it perfectly!