Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You all know I couldn't keep up on your blogs unless I had Google Reader. Well, I have always wished there was a way I could see your actual blog while using GR and come to find out there is! If you use GR and want to see the actual post on the persons blog and be able to comment like normal do this:

Go to the Google Reader homepage and sign in
Click Settings
Click on the Goodies tab, which will bring you to this page: (follow instructions)

If you have a favorites bar at the top of your browser, just drag the NEXT button into that line of websites. Then click Next to see the first updated blog. Once you've read it, click Next again. It will cycle through until you have "reached the end of the internet." The only thing it doesn't do is tell you how many unread posts there are so every time you click it's like rolling the dice, see what little excitement there is to be had around here.

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