Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Throwing the rock

Why is it that I can go a whole year without bowling, or even thinking about bowling, and then Christmas rolls around and I am a bowling fein?  Does going twice qualify me as a fein?  That's 40 frames people!!  First, we went bowling for the Zerorez Christmas party.  Cohen was a total nightmare, by about the 6th frame I couldn't care less if that kid lost his hand in the ball machine - I was not going to chase him anymore.  Ethan was loving it as you can see.  Nice follow through!  I bowled a horrible, 124, thanks to Cohen's shenanigans. 

I rebounded though when we went bowling for Eric's birthday.  I beat Dean twice which I felt pretty good about considering both he and Eric own their own ball, shoes, bowling glove, and chalk bag.  Eric however, was unbeatable.  I have never seen him bowl like that before.  I'm glad he got a win on his birthday.

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Sarah said...

We went bowling last week and I was pretty excited about my 112! Even after taking a bowling class at BYU, I still totally stink.

Glad you guys had a good time and that Eric had a fun birthday!