Saturday, December 27, 2008

100% Capacity

My computer is full. Maxed out. I just tried to upload all of the pictures I have taken from the past 3 weeks and it just laughed at me. How can I possibly get caught up on this blog if I have no pictures to post? I guess that isn't going to happen at this moment but I do have a cute thing to share that happened today. This morning we headed over to The Original Pancake House restaurant to grab, what would end up to be, the biggest portions of breakfast I have ever seen - Eric got an omelet which I swear contained a dozen eggs. Anyway, we finished breakfast and left the restaurant only to see Santa Claus and his wife, Mrs Claus sitting on the bench outside waiting for a table. Who makes Santa wait for a table? Lame. So here he was, full beard and all, dressed in a red button down shirt with khakis on. Ethan proceeds to run over to him, calling him by name, so that he could thank him for all his toys that he brought him. The man graciously said, "You're very welcome - thank you for being such a good boy", and he hands him his business card. It has a picture of him and his wife dressed as Mr & Mrs C and included at the bottom, his email address: I guess it makes sense, what kid now a days would trust the postal service to deliver their letter to Santa when they could just email it?

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