Tuesday, December 30, 2008

That's just the reaction I was going for

My mom is really busy.  Too busy if you ask me.  Work, work, work, work, work.  Is one allowed to quit when their husband is kind of their boss?  I guess not.  Anway, when we all got together for Thanksgiving in Park City I noticed that my mom's organizational skills, when it came to her recipes, were very subpar.  No offense mom.  She brought with her all her holiday recipes to make but they were written on things like post it notes, the back of bank deposit slips, and 3x5 cards you could hardly read.  Light bulb moment! Ding, ding, ding, ding - handmade Christmas present.  So I told my Dad I would be borrowing Mom's recipes for a few days while I sorted through them and typed up the ones I thought she used the most.  He assured me this would be no problem because Mom hasn't cooked in a long time because they have been so busy and that the last thing on her mind was to cook.  So I took them.  Well, stupid me - this is Christmas, and Christmas means you cook, regardless.  
Eve:  Jeff, have you moved my recipes?
Jeff:  What?
Eve:  I can't find my recipe for my potato casserole.
Jeff:  Well Eve, you have been misplacing things lately, you really are losing your mind.  
My poor mother.  My dad just laid into her about her forgetfulness and it was all my doing. Good going dad!
Well, needless to say, she liked the gift.  Who knows if she's put it to good use yet.  Hopefully soon..... and for all you lazy sisters of mine, I will be selling the word file containing all of mom's recipes for one million dollars, proceeds to benefit JDRF.  


Sarah said...

I'll pay you to type up all of my recipes- a million dollars sounds pretty reasonable! Jon gave me a recipe box one year for Christmas and said that he would type up all of my recipes for me. It never happened.

That is such a good idea and I'm sure that your mom loved it!

molly oliver said...

I would like to buy a copy. Can the million dollars be set up on a layaway program? I need to cook more.

Anne said...

I want a copy!!!!!!!