Friday, September 26, 2008


This post is long overdue, considering our visitors were here a week ago, but anyway the Ehat's came to visit us! Stephanie and Carter had a few free tickets so for the boys birthdays we planned a fun weekend for the two of them (Carter turned 5 a few days after Ethan). We went to Legoland, it was Carter's first time there, but after our last visit to Legoland Ethan was very unadventurous. He refused to go on any of the big rides thanks to the traumatic experience on the roller coaster. They still had a great time. It was nice to go on a Thursday where there was hardly anyone there. The next day we headed to the beach. It was all going smoothly until Carter got some sand in his eyes. It wasn't pretty. The tears brought sunscreen into his eyes which didn't make it any better. Saturday, Eric watched the kids and Steph and I went shopping and got pedicures. It was nice to shop without kids for a change. Steph just happened to know a few people in our ward so she got to catch up with them at church. Mix in a ton of swimming in the pool and it proved for a very busy, tiring weekend. It was still a great time, our first real visitors - who's next??


Anne said...

How fun! I linked back to the last legoland trip and shouldn't have laughed so hard- poor Ethan. Does he still grab your legs on the escalator?

We're your next visitors! 2 weeks and we'll be there!

molly oliver said...

Oh I feel so bad for Cohen in the last picture. He looks so sad and on top of that he has really chapped lips like usual.