Thursday, December 30, 2010

Park City

The day after Christmas my family loaded up our cars and drove to Utah. Everybody but Molly & KC were able to make the trip. Unfortunately, Eric had to work a few more days so he got to fly up on Wednesday. The first day was filled with nothing more than lying around trying to feel better. Anne and I were crazy sick and Eric had to call in a RX so we could make it through the week. It was so cold up there. I think the average temps for the week were in the teens... but it sure was pretty.

Tuesday I signed the boys up for ski school. The morning started out with some tears, mainly because they were cold, but by the end of the day they were happy and full of smiles. I tried to get pictures of the boys without letting them see me. Thank you 70-200mm lens! At one point Cohen was hot and frustrated and started to have a melt down. I think he was a little bored as well because he didn't get to go on the lifts like last year.

Ethan was lucky to get into a class of just three kids (normally it's 5). I got to meet up with him at lunch so that I could dose him for food and he seemed like he was having a great time. Of course, his number was crazy high, just like last year. I haven't quite figured out how to calculate an adjustment to compensate for adrenaline/fear! I don't know if I will ever be able to predict something like that.

On Wednesday my Mom gave each grandchild one of these! I posted about them a while back and I guess she took the hint. The kids loved them. I think they would have worked much better had the hill been steeper. They still had a great time, even Grandpa!

Lucy loved the snow - except when it was hitting her in the face!

Wednesday night was kind of stressful. Eric was supposed to arrive around 9:00pm but Salt Lake was hit with a crazy storm that delayed tons of flights and closed a lot of roads. He ended up landing around midnight and thankfully by then Parley's Canyon was safe to drive through. The next day we all woke up to 10 degrees weather but hit the slopes regardless. There was a dozen of us out there freezing our butts off. Cohen didn't fare too well. He wasn't into it at all. He kept complaining his cheeks were red. How he knew that I have no idea.

Bundled up...

Martha & I, no skin to be seen on me!


molly said...

I love the pictures. Almost as good as being there. Did you buy helmets for skiing this year? Are they required now?

martha said...

We rented them so our hats wouldn't get soaked from the snow. I mean so we could do crazy tricks.