Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Happenings

Christmastime always brings home tons of school crafts, projects, and keepsakes. Our kitchen cupboard is packed full of what the boys have brought home this year. They are so proud of it. Cohen's preschool class made frames and Ethan's class got to make gingerbread houses. I love it when my boys are crafty!

Santa has been a bigger deal this year. Last year the boys were younger and didn't quite understand what Santa was or meant. I will be sad the day their imaginations get the best of them and they figure out the truth. All I know is the "Santa's watching" threat worked for about a week or so. Then, it changed to "Santa isn't going to bring you any toys if you keep acting like that". That too worked for about a week. As the calendar hit December 18th and the boys were out of school with nothing to do but think about December 25th, their behavior started to get even worse. Suddenly, the Santa threats didn't work and I had to start removing presents from the pile that they knew were for them. That helped.

E & C both wrote Santa a letter. Included was a Nintendo DS, a new Woody doll, an Xbox 360, and a Lotso bear. On Christmas morning when Ed opened his Xbox from Santa, Ethan was convinced Santa had made a mistake.

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