Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Advent Calendar

I don't have an advent calendar for the boys so this year, among all the other madness, I decided I should make one. I'm so silly like that. So I pretty much copied Pottery Barn's . I have yet to add the dates but I think it turned out pretty close to the original and the boys love it!!

Among filling the pockets with candy canes and little ornaments, I made cards that describe an activity we would do that day or present that they could open. Every fifth day there is a card that says, "Christmas book".... I bought ten paperback books (ranging from $1.50-$4 each) and wrapped them and each boy gets to pick a book and read it that night before bed. Some of the other cards include:

- go bowling
- drive around to see Christmas lights
- make sugar cookies
- decorate an ornament
- deliver Christmas treats to friends/neighbors
- watch a Christmas movie w/ hot chocolate
- make gingerbread houses


Carly and Tyler said...

Cute! I also had the thought to make my own this year, but actually used my better judgement and didn't add that to my list of things to do. I love adding the books and fun things to do to it. So fun!!

anne said...