Monday, August 24, 2009


Camping - I don't know what to say about it at the moment. Coming right off a trip I am done and don't want to do it for years to come, but ask me in a month and I'm sure it will sound like a good idea. Don't get me wrong, I love to camp, but it is a crap load of work. I probably wouldn't be so annoyed if it hadn't rained Sunday morning, leaving packing up a nightmare and everything wet and soggy.

This was my first trip to Yosemite. It really is beautiful. We scored what I think was the best campsite in the group. It was big and right on the water. The kids loved playing in the water and throwing rocks. Cohen threw one up and it came right back down and landed on his head. Ouch. We had a big group so we rented a second campsite. Anne, Mike, Lucy, Molly & KC all came over from the Bay area. Dean flew in from SLC, and Martha joined the rest of us S. Cal peeps. I think we could have had enough to do for a week long trip, but we weren't able to take that much time off. Next year we are thinking we should do Big Sur.

Half Dome

Gun show

The boys


I found one picture I was in!

Lovin the tent

Throwing rocks in the stream

Dutch oven cobbler

M&M's "fun with glow sticks"


Hiking to Vernal Falls - Mike, Dean & Eric

The base of the falls has a freezing cold pool you can swim in

Can you say shrinkage???

Anne & Lucy

Ethan riding the current

Molly - why didn't I make you sit down?

It takes a village I guess, look at all those arms!

Back at home - Operation dry-out


Robyn said...

Whoa, those are awesome pictures!! You are so good!!!!!! I love the picture of you guys with the people in the background. And I love the one of the guys with the mist spraying around them. Your family is so cute!! What a fun vacation! We used to go there when I was a kid.

Sarah said...

That stinks that it rained on you, but I'm glad the rest of the trip was fun! The cobbler looks like it turned out really well- I'm craving some right now! I love the glow stick/heart picture. How on earth did you do that? You seriously need to teach me how to use my camera!

martha said...

Maybe next year we should just camp in the Brown's backyard that looks fun. Just kidding.

Kenneth said...

Josie!!! That trip was awesome!! Yosemite was amazing and I had so much fun...Thanks so much for letting us come and hang out with you guys

Kenneth said...

P.S....Shrinkage is an understatement of how cold that water was

Cortney said...

This looks like serious fun!

Dean said...

Shrinkage, I love that. So true. Amazing trip. Thanks for all your hard work along with Eric packing tents, sleeping bags, food, etc.

molly oliver said...

Those pictures look so good, I should have sat down but my feet were in the water pretty much. You didn't tell me I looked so awkward. I like the pictures of the guys in the falls, they look so small.

Anonymous said...

Josemite - Thanks for putting the trip together and for bringing all of the sweet gear. We had a wonderful time. Just to provide some background on the picture of us jumping off the rock, Eric told us to pretend we were being shot out of a whale's blow hole. More important things to worry about than shrinkage under those circumstances.

anne said...

Such a fun trip. Thanks for getting us all together. Next year we need the Sayers, Mom & Dad and the Barnes to come!

I call the top bunk!

Jen said...

WOW, your photos are beautiful!!! I can't believe I had to miss the class.

Looks like y'all had great time, clean up aside. :)

Sarahmanarah said...

Are you kidding me. Your picts are amazing. You just keep getting better and better.