Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Barnes Visit 2010

We had a great couple weeks with Julie & Derek and their kids here. It's always a full house but it's great to have visitors. It was the first time I bet baby Carter, he is too cute. Ethan and Cohen were fascinated by him. And likewise, Addison was obsessed with the boys. She would follow them around and say "Coco" all day, to which Cohen would respond "WHAT?" and she'd say "Coco"... it was pretty cute.

We went to Knott's one day. Kind of a different story this time around than a little over a year ago.


Such a nice aunt I am - taking pictures of a sad little girl.

No this is not my diabetic son. How many licks do you think he had of this?? I think 4.

We also went to Huntington for our annual beach bonfire/bbq. I think Ed made the comment that it's good Julie and Derek visit because this is the only time he ever goes to the beach.

Derek's new obsession - Pillsbury breadstick dough wrapped around a skewer, cooked, then brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar - homemade churros. So good!

Does this baby look like his daddy or what?!

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martha said...

You were in Huntington for once in your life and I wasn't invited? Rude.