Friday, September 11, 2009


Those Disney people are not dumb. They sure know how to make a buck. Come to Disneyland free on your birthday, they say. And while you're at it, bring 10 friends and family members to celebrate the big day with you (each costing $72)... it will be the best birthday ever!!! Smart, they are indeed. We fell for it! But actually, of the six of us that went only three had to pay so that was a bonus. The reason being - Cohen is still 2 and not only was Ethan born on 9/11 but Ed also shares this birthday with his first grandson. So, for the first time in 14 years I ignored my ill-feelings towards Disneyland/crowds/lines/heat/over-priced food/walking and focused on Ethan. I think he had a good time. He isn't the most adventurous kid - I give him a year or so and I bet he'll enjoy it more. Cohen on the other hand will go on pretty much anything. Maybe it's because he's not old enough to know better. Thanks Anne, Ed,& Diane for coming along with us!!

Free Disney Pass

Ethan - hating the Buzz Lightyear ride

Happy not to be in a dark tunnel

Descending down into the submarine -
wasn't too happy on this one either

Mom, i see Nemo, i see Dorie, where's Darla?

Look at those eyes - lucy jean!

And her first tooth!!


Double trouble

HE LIVES! Cohen - in heaven

Aunt Anne on tea cups with the boys

Happy Birthday my sweet boy


TeamOSM said...

Aww, how fun! The Buzz Lightyear ride was one of my faves at WDW. =D Also? We were inadvertently in the Woody's Roundup parade! We were walking through Frontierland, and they were coming through and we didn't realize. I have some great shots of it!

Glad you guys had a good time! =) Happy birthdays!

Bushchicken said...

I can't believe you went to Disneyland during the D23 expo...must have been unbelievably packed! Going through that is true love for a child.

josieposie said...

Cynthia - funny that you knew about the D23 expo but I had to google it. See how much of a fan I am!

Robyn said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you went! We are going for Trent's birthday. Since he already has a pass, they are giving us $69 to use anywhere in the park! I hope it wasn't too crowded when you went. Trent didn't like Buzz Light year at first either. Too loud. And Nemo is scary under the water in that claustrophobic submarine! But I hope you had fun. Did you get a pass? Let's go again! Happy Birthday to Ed and Ethan! That's cool that they share the same birthday. Awesome pictures once again. You really should start a photography business.

Emily said...

I can't believe he is 6 Jos. I remember you bringing him to our house in Utah and he was just an infant. Wild...I'm thinking you've got 2 really cute boys who will someday turn into really cute men. Perfect for my really cute 2 girls...

anne said...

such a fun day. missing you guys already.

shawna said...

maybe this will make you feel better...i have a friend who went to disneyland all by herself on her birthday, and had a ball. (she actually ran into friends so she hung out with them). so see, it can work!

AND, glad to see other children afraid of stuff at disneyland! a few of my kids would certainly question if it was the happiest place on earth.