Friday, September 4, 2009

It's official

Eric is once again a Land Rover owner. His 15 year obsession with this car has taken him to Birmingham, AL, where just minutes ago he just drove this bad boy off the lot. I think he is still just as shocked as I am that this transaction even took place. I'm not the type to agree to purchases like this and Eric knows it. Why you ask? Read the list...

1. this car was more money than the BMW
2. it's a 1997 vs a 2006
3. it has more miles than the BMW, 68K vs 40K
4. has no warranty like the BMW
5. gets horrible gas mileage
6. seats 6, but 4 of the 6 are sitting in jump seats facing each other
7. is expensive to fix
8. does not have bluetooth or nav

Should I keep going?

After a list like that he must be in LOVE. Does it show on his face?

Hmmmm....what should I do today? Go shopping? Sounds good.


with love, r said...

You are so me! I would do the same exact thing...go shopping!!!

whitandjoel said...

You are a good wife!!! And, shopping? Absolutely! :) He can't say anything!

The Marshpeople said...

I STILL cannot believe he FLEW there to buy that car!!! You are way nicer than me :)

Diane said...

Ahh, there is a cute picture of Ethan around 3 where he is sitting inside of his little yellow play school plastic truck. You got it at a garage sale. The picture of Ethan clutching on to it and refuses to get out, reminds me of his father! They should be posted together! Yes, he does look in love!!! To quote someone famous, "The heart wants what the heart wants"! Why fight it!!!

Cortney said...

he does look pretty happy... and you will look fabulous in your new clothes!!!

Sarah said...

I hope you spent a lot of money this weekend! You are a good wife. You just need to come up with your own wish list and start working your way through it! We are excited to go out with you guys in the new wheels!

molly oliver said...

Finally with that out of his system, you have to give him a limit on anymore wishes for a while. But that Defender does look pretty sweet. He looks like a proud owner. Hopefully it lasts a long time. I can't wait to drive to Big Sur in that thing next summer.

Robyn said...

Wow, I can't believe he flew to Alabama to get it. What an adventure! It's a pretty sweet car!! Hope you had fun shopping!