Friday, March 13, 2009

Car conversation

E: Mom, the Shorr's have 4 kids, that is a lot huh?
J: Yes, it's more than we have.
E: I think we should have another brother, we could name him 'Cool'.
J: Cool?
E: Yep, and then we could get a dog and we would name him Spot.
J: But, what if it was a girl baby or a girl dog.
E: NO MOM, that is not allowed, I want a boy dog.
J: What about a sister?
E: I don't want one of those either.
J: Well, we can't even think of getting either of them until we move.
E: Moving? Where are we moving now???
J: Well, if we decide to buy or rent a house then we would move there.
E: Can we do it in a couple days so that we can get a dog in a coulple days?
(note to self) we can never move, i hate pets!
J: No, not in a couple days Ethan, more like a couple months.
E: Awwhh Moooom, I want a dog in a couple days.
J: How about I call the pet store and ask them if they have any boy dogs?
E: OK!!!
J: fake calling.... fake conversation with pet store worker.... fake hang-up.... fake sadness in my voice - I'm sorry Ethan, they only have girl dogs right now.
E: Ok, I will wait.


Through the Looking Glass said...

Nice trick - I should've used that on myself: "No more kids until we get a bigger house", instead we're crammed in here like sausages. I love when kids rationalize things and then you're forced to make a "phone call" to straighten things out. We make a LOT of phone calls around here.

Kenneth said...

Jos...that's brutal! Ethan's going to be ticked some day that you pulled that on him

josieposie said...

You just wait KC. You will be pulling this soon enough.

Sarah said...

I'm with you- I HATE PETS!!!

leigh said...

nice jos. sam just asked me if he could get a mouse, a ferret, and a hamster (because he just went to the pet store and a mouse is 2.49 - he wants to buy one with his money). the last time they asked for a pet - like 2 weeks ago - i told them they have to be 12. at least i have a few years.

molly oliver said...

Josie that was the best idea I have ever heard. And Ethan learned a valuable lesson about patience. He is totally willing to wait for the good thing. I don't want pets either.

Sarahmanarah said...

Laughing out loud!