Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a boy or the next great horror movie director?

You are cordially invited to attend the small but expressive art collection of Mr. Ethan Brown. Refreshments will be served. Currently on display at Ethan's home, featured front and center on the fridge.

I was recently honored to interview the budding artist and he had this to say about his work:

"It's a guy and he himself, he himself cut off his head and then he died. He had this knife, and he took it like this (acting out one cutting off his own head), and then it just fell on the floor. See, this red stuff is blood and those (lines on his hands) are more knives and that's it."

When asked why the depicted has a smile on his face even though his head is spurting blood on the floor, he said, "Oh, where's the black sharpie, I need to fix that."


amy said...

lol! that's awesome! or scary. it's creative no doubt.

Diane said...

Oh, It ISSS scary, Amy. I lock my bedroom door every night! Others can vouch. I still love him, though. I see it as a very active imagination! He is very good at describing his art work.

molly oliver said...

Seeing this might be a little scary, but it is scary good. He has some perspective going on and solid lines, I think he is going to be the next descendant of Grandpa E and take to the art skills. I love it.

leigh said...

nice. eric will have a partner to watch tarantino films with soon enough!