Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kind of loving this...

It's $360 but who's counting! The fact that the Packers are represented is reason enough. However, I'm not sure we have room here at Casa Brown. Do you think it's weird that a purchase like this is what it takes to get me to find a place to buy/rent? But seriously, how many minutes do you think the boys would actually spend in these, 5? 10? 15 minutes? They can't even sit down at the dinner table, they eat while standing, my newest/biggest pet peeve since having kids.

don't you love how the pictures are hung about 12" from the floor. weird.

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Diane said...

I think that they would really like these and actually sit a long time in them. Josie, I could make them mini lap boards like the larger version! They could all eat on trays in their recliners! My life would truly be fulfilled!

"Let's do it"!