Sunday, May 23, 2010

Megan Ruth & Justin Cox

I never got the memo that at some point Megan started going by her middle name. She'll always be Megs, or Shmegs to me.

Sadly, I didn't get to take very many pictures of just the bride and groom thanks to a very pesty photographer. You all know how much she was BUGGING me! I mean who poses people for pictures standing directly in front of a giant mirror? She must know something I don't know.

The wedding cake. It has to be the most unusual cake I have ever seen. Underneath the rice paper was a 3 tiered cake covered in fondant. Wild!

Bridesmaids in floral, sister-in-laws in black.

Lucy & Ava - too cute!

My mom and sisters, sans husbands.

Lucy's blue eyes are insane.

Yummy onion rings at Red Rock - so good.


anne said...

thanks for posting these so I can steal them. I want more!! you going to post a mac gallery?

OH and you didn't mention our trip to the hospital! That wasn't blog worthy?

martha said...

What is a family reunion without a trip to the hospital?? I am just glad it wasn't me this time. No offense Emily.

martha said...

Awesome pics Josie!!!

molly said...

Good pics Josie, the last one at the restaurant looks like I am thinking, "these pants are too tight!"

Sarah said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!! She will always be Megan to me too, I got the memo just decided to ignore!! It was to see you and all the girls!