Friday, August 7, 2009

One liners

Ok, so there's a lot of random stuff I haven't really blogged about so here's a taste.

- Cohen is officially potty trained, having had no accidents and poops like a champ on the toilet!

- Last weekend I took a photo class from Nicole, it was good and I learned a lot.

- We're going camping tonight with some peeps from the ward - very spur of the moment but should be fun.

- Diane and Ed won over $1500 bucks in Vegas this week - shhh don't tell.

- Eric is already contemplating trading in his BMW (purchased in January) for this Rover, he is driving me CRAZY!

- He originally had the idea to do so because of:

...but seeing as it's currently NOT available anymore (bitter), I think he needs to stick with his current car.

- School is starting in less than a month and I am SUPER excited, not one bit ready, but SUPER excited.


Robyn said...

you are so lucky to be done with diapers....for now, ha ha! Go Cohen! That is a cool car Eric wants. Hope you had fun camping! We'll join you next year when Jenna's older! Hope you guys had fun!

Cortney said...

so bitter jb, about camping. you know you had fun!