Monday, December 10, 2007

JDRF Award

Ethan was invited to attend the JDRF (juvenille diabetes research foundation) Award Ceremony tonight. He was honored in the 'bronze category' which was given to people who raised between $1,000-$2,500 for the JDRF Walk this past September. He was so excited to get a 'trophy'. It's his first one ever! Thanks again to all those who donated. He had a great night.

Ethan's Bronze Level (by a team) Plaque

Ethan at the microphone telling everyone how much he raised

Ethan's Gold Level (by an individual) trophy!


anne said...

Sooo cute. He deserves all the trophies in the world. I love that he sports the CTR ring.

Anonymous said...

Granma's Treasure is what he is!!!
and Grandpa's Show Man!

Way to go Eth!

Molly said...

Congrats Ethan, and team Brown. He was probably the cutest acceptant of the award.