Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gotta LOVE IT!

Anne, is the reigning favorite aunt at this point. I'm sure that is what she was striving for when she sent this to Ethan. Anne told him a few days ago that she was sending him something and for days has been waiting for it to be delivered.
Today, he was not disappointed.

Ethan's favorite things:
1. Playing with friends.
2. McDonald's (although as of late not so much).
3. Any type of holiday in which you get things for no reason, and you get to decorate for.
4. Playing with legos and doing puzzles.
5. Shopping. No joke.
6. Watching cartoons.
7. Going to California.
8. M & M's
9. Spiderman
and of course........


A Diet Coke ornament! Amazing find Anne. Two of his favorites in one. Oh, the glee and celebration that followed after opening this and being able to run upstairs and immediately put it on his little fake tree he has in his room. YES, he decorated it himself. I think at least half of the ornaments he had on there have fallen off. The thing was jammed with stuff. But now he has his favorite, front and center. Poor thing looks huge on his tiny tree. Oh well, he loves it!


Anonymous said...

I have fallen in a heap from the sheer wonderfulness of Aunt Annie! Tender lil guy, he is his own self!
Can't wait to see E&C! Love Grma B

anne said...

I'm so glad he got it. Love you, Buddy Lee! Can't wait to see you soon. (Mike drew the picture on the box)