Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Trip to RSM

The very day the boys finished school we packed up and headed to RSM for a vacation. It was Memorial Day weekend so Eric was able to come with us. The boys were so excited to get back to Grandma & Grandpas house and to see all their friends. School was still in session down there so each day Ethan would wait patiently for them to finish with their school day and then disappear for hours at a time. He really misses having those friends so close.

We hung out with Anne & Mike & Lucy a lot!  We played at the beach club.  Swam with friends at our pool.  Visited the Ladera Ranch water park.  And went to Laguna Beach for a day as well.  It was a great break. I got to stick around for a few days while Eric had to go back to work.  He came back for me though and the boys got to stick around RSM with Grandma & Grandpa.  They LOVED their time with them solo.  I'm sure they were spoiled more than ever.  Almost two weeks without their parents was probably a dream come true.  I started to miss them - it was weird being at home without the boys. Normally if we don't have them it's because we are on a trip somewhere, but we were just hanging out at home.  I got a lot of baby preparation done as well as working a bunch in Eric's office.  Lots of odds and ends to file and organize, etc.

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