Sunday, January 16, 2011

Read This

This article was interesting - never really thought of "us" this way.

thanks Nat


molly said...

That is interesting. I have the opposite attitude toward "mormon mom blogs." They have a good attitude, but they make me tired and think if only I could get one of those projects done I would feel pretty good.

Sarah said...

I am right there with you Molly.

anne said...

The article was really well written and highly entertaining. I have actually stopped and thought about why I like homemade jam and enjoy perusing thrift stores because, of late, both things have become trendy and that pisses me off. .... But, it's not because I'm Mormon. It's because I like homemade jam, and I like perusing thrift stores. TAKE THAT.

This comment baffled me-- In any highly homogeneous culture we all feel pressure to be and look and think and act a certain way," she says. "You start to think you need to be absolutely perfect in every area." -- Have you ever really felt this way? I haven't...ever. I am who I am.