Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010 - Lego Costume

Well, this year I got a little ambitious. I have been wanting to make Lego costumes for a while now but every year the boys had something different in mind. This year I just started making them and didn't bother asking and they seemed fine with the idea. The head was the hardest part to make. And if I were to do it over again I would change up a few things but I was still happy with how they came out. I love legomen!

We celebrated Halloween a few times this year. First at our ward Trunk or Treat!

Second, Cohen's school had a Halloween parade/program. Giving you a thumbs up!

And third, on the 31st! We drove up to Fullerton to trick or treat at Grandma Bishop's door. She was happy to see the boys in their costume and the boys got to trick or treat around her neighborhood. They had a great time. Poor Ethan couldn't move from house to house quite as quickly as Cohen but they still managed to bring home a ton of junk.


leigh said...

uh - those are the BEST costumes I have ever seen.

Jon and Kim said...

I love the lego costumes! Those are awesome!

martha said...

I am proud to be your sister. Skillz.