Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It all started with his Halloween costume

I don't need to remind you that my kids are hooked on legos. OBsessed is more like it. Cohen has moved on from his Lego Spongebob obsession to Toy Story and Indiana. The problem is that Indiana has accessories. Hat, sword, gun, satchel - he's decked out, and if one part goes missing we are in trouble. I am woken up every morning by Cohen saying this - "Mom, I can't find my Indiana Jones guy, he's in my bed, go find him." So, last night Ed & Diane took the boys to Target to pick out a toy. I think they were feeling bad that they had been sick for a few days - but I guess Grandparents never need a reason. Well, they came home with these....

....notice the age requirement for these things (7-14). Translation: Ed and I put most of Ethan's together while Ethan put Cohen's together for him. The entire time we were building the Temple of Doom the boys were singing/humming the Indiana theme song. Duh duh duh duhhhh, duh duh duhhhhh... duh duh duhhhh duhhhhhhh, duh duh duh duH dUH. I didn't get it on tape last night but I did this morning when I came downstairs and caught them playing with their new loot. I hear it at least 135 times a day.


Cortney said...

"oh, hi mom! what are you doing down here?" so funny.
great tone quality, boys!!

anne said...