Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Quick lunch

Blogging, there are so many pro's and con's.

Pro: an easy way to journal/scrapbook
Con: time spent
Pro: family and friends can catch up on my life easily
Con: no more one on one contact/conversation, ie, just check my blog
Pro: reconnecting with long lost friends
Con: stalkers exist - people who if I knew visited my blog I might go private

The list could go on, but I think all in all the pro's outweigh the con's. Case in point, today, after what...10 years, I got to sit down and have lunch with Amanda. We knew each other at the U, didn't hang out a ton, and now regret it. By the way, if you've never visited her blog then you are missing out. She's a hilarious, real, amazing writer and mother of four. It's blogging what brought us back in contact and I hope it can do the same for more of my long lost friends. That's one good thing about living in Southern California, people tend to vacation here - too bad the weather wasn't great this week, that's why they call it June gloom. Anyway, it was good to sit and chat for a quick lunch, thanks for making time during your vaca.


Through the Looking Glass said...

I loved lunch - thank you for making time for me, especially since I was all over the place with the planning.

I agree completely with you about the blogging pros: I've met quite a few people through blogging that I would never have met otherwise. But one of the greatest blessings, I think, is re-meeting people I knew in another life and never realized how well we'd connect if given the chance. And maybe that's what life's about - meeting the right people at the right time, when you'll appreciate them most.

I liked you in college, but I just adore you now. Your personality comes through your blog and in person you're every bit as smart, interesting and beautiful. Here's to July!

Karly said...

OH YAY! I haven't seen Amanda forever! Glad you had fun!